Missing 8th grade and spending the year traveling the world instead of going to school?! Homeschooling but lots of free time… nobody had to convince me!

I knew that I’d miss being on the wrestling team and the guys I hang out with after school, but I'll be back for 9th grade. Besides, I’d have my twin sister Hailey to hang out with.

Sometimes she can be a goody goody (and I’m definitely NOT!) but we still get along great. If all I had for company during the trip was my bird watching, history obsessed parents, I’d go crazy!

Anyway, I never cared much about the past. It all seemed pretty boring. But it is awesome to see new places and meet new people, and that’s exactly what happens when you travel. But traveling through time? I would have thought that was impossible, that is, until it happened to us!

Suddenly history came alive and that was way different from reading about it in some schoolbook. Imagine a dude like me winning sword fights with palace guards and rescuing a Mogul ruler… awesome!