I hang out at my favorite bookshop and less at school and learn a lot more that way. I’m lucky that I have a photographic memory, because it leaves me plenty of time to follow sports. Cricket, which is really popular in India, is my favourite - but Hailey and Zach never even heard of it! I’m not on a team or anything I play it just for fun. I also like doing acrobatic stunts.

    It feels like I’ve known forever about the time travel prophecy and the foreign kids. So it was really cool when my dad said that he would be working for an American family, who were coming to Agra to research the Taj Mahal.

    When Hailey and Zach showed up, I felt it in my gut: they were THE ONES. I also knew that I could get them to the Taj Mahal at midnight because even though I’m only 14, my dad has taught me to drive (please keep that quiet!)

    It was my job to lead them to the bookshop and get the whole thing started. Just being with them (especially Hailey) was amazing, even before they were given Shah Jahan’s diary. But one thing I never knew about the prophecy was that I would be a time traveler too!